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Watch Lucian Bute vs Carl Froch Live streaming Satellite coverage 2012

Lucian Bute vs Carl Froch LIve HD TV

what should be one of the most brutal and violent championship fights of the year, there will be No Easy Way Out for undefeated Lucian Bute, who will put the IBF Super Middleweight Championship on the line against challenger Carl Froch.
Bute has not only never been defeated in his illustrious career, he has yet to really be challenged. There have been a few contests that have gone to a decision, but even those have wound up being dominant decision wins for him
Froch has been put in this spot because of his name rather than recent performance. He is just 2-2 in his last four fights, including a loss against No. 1 super middleweight Andre Ward last December that cost him the WBC Super Middleweight Championship.

Where: Capital FM Arena in Nottingham, United Kingdom
When: Saturday, May 26 at 10:00
Watch: EPIX Channel
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Bute's Keys to Victory
Use speed and power combinations to keep Froch off-balance
Bute is one of the fastest fighters in the world. He is always on the offensive attack, though he rarely leaves himself open to shots from his opponents. His biggest asset is his ability to land a high volume of punches in a short amount of time.
With Froch being unable to match Bute's speed or power, it is imperative that the champion comes out firing on all cylinders to knock the challenger off his game right away. Bute is not a good stylistic matchup for Froch, so he has the edge leading up to the fight.
Froch's Keys to Victory
Avoid eating hard shots from Bute; stun the champion early
Unlike Bute, Froch's style tends to leave him open to eating a lot of hard shots, especially to the body. He is going to have to show improved defense and keep moving away from Bute's punches to get this fight into the later rounds.
If the defensive game plan is working for Froch, it should be easier for him to swoop in and attack Bute in spots. He is not going to be able to start the fight attacking and keep the pursuit up. Froch must pick and choose when he is going to move in.
What They Are Saying
While there is a lot of anticipation building for this fight between two of the top three super middleweight fighters in the world, Steve Bunce of ESPN UK believes that Bute's people pursued this fight to exploit a lot of weaknesses they saw in Froch's game against Andre Ward.
When he met Ward, Froch did not look like himself: he was made at times to appear slow, ponderous and predictable. Ward's good, but he's not that good; he's not the second coming. Carl got in the ring that night and, to me, looked as if he didn't have much left and that his heart was not in the fight. It was an odd performance.
Froch is getting up there in age and wear-and-tear. He is 34 years old with 30 professional fights under his belt, but I don't think he is going to be that bad in this fight. Bute is the favorite, as he should be. Just don't be so quick to dismiss Froch in this contest.
Lucian Bute Prediction

Bute is building up to a long-awaited contest with Andre Ward. He is firing on all cylinders and nothing has been able to slow him down yet. Froch will give him a good battle, but it won't be enough.
Bute wins via unanimous decision to retain IBF Super Middleweight Championship
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