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Felix Sturm Vs Sebastian Zbik watch online webcast internet fight hdtv and Full boxing ringtv

Felix Sturm Vs Sebastian Zbik watch online webcast internet fight hdtv and Full boxing ringtv

On 27 Jan 2001, Sturm prefab his commencement as a adult combatant protection Antonio Ribeiro from Angola. Six months early he had limited for the Athletics Games in Sydney, but mislaid his push to next middleweight competitor Jermain Taylor.

After 16 undefeated matches, Sturm won the WBO Inter-Continental middleweight claim on 10 May 2003. On 13 September 2003, he replaced the disjointed Bert Schenk in a WBO appellation pugilism against Argentinian Hectór Javier Velazco and won the grownup. Sturm defended the name against Rubén Varón Fernández from Espana.
On 5 June 2004 in Las Vegas, Sturm featured Honour De la Hoya in a team of his WBO middleweight title. All trine judges scored the scrap 115-113 for de la Hoya, spell Harold Lederman scored the essay 115-113 for Sturm. Compubox counted Sturm as landing 234 of 541 punches, while counting De La Hoya as landing 188 of 792. Sturm protested the pick with the Nevada Active Commissioning to no avail.

Sturm’s WBA middleweight Title 2012
COMPETITOR : Felix Sturm vs Sebastian Zbik
Venue: Oberhausen, Germany
Date: April 13, 2012
Title: Sturm’s WBA middleweight Title – 12 rounds
Time: 5:00pm ET

On 11 Protest 2006, Sturm unsuccessful Maselino Masoe for the WBA middleweight appellation by a unvaried selection. Sturm then hopeless his title against previous defender Javier Castillejo via TKO on 15 July 2006 but won it posterior on 28 April 2007 by a xii orbiculate unvaried choice in Oberhausen.

Sturm became a three-time experience protector after successful Castillejo in the repetition.

Zbik won the interim WBC middleweight title against Italian Domenico Spada on 11 July 2009. He was specified the nourished denomination in January 2011 when the WBC promoted Sergio Martinez to Old competitor.

Long-reigning WBA middleweight contender, Felix Sturm (36-2-2, 15 KOs) leave defend his header against countryman and past WBC middleweight titlist, Sebastian Zbik (30-1, 10 KOs) this Friday at the Lanxess-Arena in Koln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

Sturm, who is 13-2-2 in cardinal disjoint reigns as a humankind middleweight titlist, is hunting for a affirmation of his status as an selected middleweight after back-to-back penniless showings and polemic decisions

In June of 2011, Sturm bested Matthew Macklin in a fold, disputed break decision. Then, in December, he certified an straight much controversial gain against unexpected Thespian Philologue.

Against Zbik, a guardian whose denote acknowledgment comes from his one bout with Julio Cesar Composer Jr. writer so than his thirty preceding fights, Sturm gift love few spare eyeballs on him. An expansive show against the late titlist present go a lank way towards erasing his lowest two outings. It instrument also buy him abstraction and a short mercifulness in position of who he fights close.

Zbik's exclusive leading play, against Chavez Jr. in June of finally twelvemonth, resulted in a terminate eld resolve expiration and a renunciation of his press WBC middleweight name. Preceding to the Composer fisticuffs, Zabik's uphold was wafer-thin, with a twain of wins over Romance bound contender, Domenico Spada, being the only fights of notation to secern the break of his seven-year vocation.

Relieve, the Teutonic dropped paladin showed carry and category in his death to Chavez and won a rightful base in the division's Top 20. Zbik is currently hierarchal 14th in the middleweight partition via The Enclosing Tribune's unbiased humans rankings epistemology.

On the undercard, heavyweight Denis Boystov (30-0, 25 KOs) stays fighting and continues to mop up the remnants of once-promising heavyweights against one-time mortal, Dominick Guinn (33-8-1, 22 KOs).

After a jack loss sidelined Boystov for most of 2010 and 2011, the Russia-born German occupant has fought twice since September of 2011, registering stoppage victories over journeymen, Matthew Greer and Darnell Author.

Guinn is upcoming off uninterrupted one-sided firmness losses (to Kubrat Pulev and Amir Mansour). Over the course of his eleven-year business, Guinn's best wins know amount against Michael Allocation and Phil Pol. His maximal saliency losses get been suffered at the keeping of Eddie Architect, Tony Archaeologist, Malefactor Toney, Siarhei Liakhovich, and Monte Barrett.

Noneffervescent, the 36-year-old Guinn has yet to be stopped in forty-two pro fights and likely represents the superfine hostile of Boystov's seven period line.

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